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Two-and-a-half-minute-fiction ‘Prahject’: Take 51

I know. I know. Don’t even say it. Don’t. even. say it.  Friends again? So here’s the recap, readyyyy… GO: I’ve become the official office cat lady. Fallen in love with a J. Crew male model (the one that looks like Paul Bissonette). I’m baking again, read: stressed again. Still growing my hair out. Turning … Continue reading

Two-and-a-half-minute Fiction ‘Prahject’: Take 50

All I can say about this entry is that I came up with the second line while washing my face after a run, knew I wanted to use it, and knew exactly what I was going to write came up with the rest as I went. That’s usually the best kind though, no? And I love the … Continue reading

Two-and-a-half-minute-fiction ‘Prahject’: Take 49

This week I’m going to let two of my favorite pictures tell a story. I emailed these to The Sartorialist, who is looking for vintage photos, for those so inclined. This is what I sent along: The first photograph is a picture of the West Penn Power crew my grandfather worked with around 1930. He’s … Continue reading

Two-and-a-half-minute Fiction ‘Prahject’: Take 48

Thought this one up on the treadmill. See, running’s good for something. Chinatown Man

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