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Prah 2.0 has moved!


capitol building, washington d.c., america


Cue “Hail to the Chief.”

No, this isn’t a summer vacation where I just happened to bring everything I own with me. My sis and I have moved to D.C. and I start work at LivingSocial next week. I am at a loss of words to describe how psyched I/we am/are — said the writer.

Is that a good enough excuse for my delinquencies here? Yes? Why thank you, you’re so very kind, I thought so too.

Now to what really matters today: The first round of the 2011 NHL Draft is tonight. BOO YA.   Oilers on the clock at 7 p.m. EST. Pens have 23rd pick unless they trade it away. Ted Nugent is supposed to go first.

NHL, Draft, prospect, ryan nugent-hopkins

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Yes, the future of the league begins with this bean pole of a manchild who was born in 1993. Again: nineteen hundred and ninety-three. I was well into finger painting by then. God.

I think a Ghcat conversation I had this morning with a draft compatriot sums this draft up pretty well:

Adam:  yeah it’s a weird draft. in terms of forwards, there’s lots of good two-way guys but not many with game-breaking potential offensively
me:  definitely not typical
Adam:  and just a ton of defensemen
me:  right
Adam: it’s also kind of a shitty draft overall, so theres that, too. And the Pens are awesome.*
*Ed note: Conversation edited for grammatical errors and Pens inherent awesomeness. 
But more importantly, yesterday the Flyers traded away the core and LEADERSHIP that is Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, along with about $110 mil and 20 years in contracts, and welcomed in barely tested 30-year-old goalie Ilya Bryzgalov with a NINE-YEAR CONTRACT, due to get about $7 in his first year. Who does this guy think he is, Henrik Zetterberg?  I almost feel bad for Bobrovsky. Almost.
mike richards, jeff carter

Dude, this orange does nothing for my leadershipy complexion. I'm moving to Hollywood. The black uni is slimming. Oh, and you can't come, but I heard Columbus might not suck as bad this year. You should call them.

And the best tweet amongst the madness? Courtesy of Fake Dan Carcillo:
dan carcillo, philadelphia flyers

Goon /go͞on/ (n): a bully or thug, esp. one hired to terrorize or do away with opposition.

Mazel tov.


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