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Two-and-a-half-minute fiction ‘Prahject’: Take 46

I think I’ve been watching too much Dexter lately, because this week’s edition is definitely not the usual. This kind of writing is so fun, though. I hope you like it. It’s called, “The Entrance.” Advertisements

‘Prahctice’ your square dancing

So I finally got around to dabbling with the video on my camera. I have to admit, I was a little daunted this camera’s capabilities and the fact that I was going to create video without a wireless mic or a monopod. Two big no-no’s, but let’s just chalk this up to ‘prahctice’ shall we? … Continue reading

Prah 2.0 turns one, ‘Oprah’, and rapture

Just in time for the rapture… PRAH 2.0 TURNS 1 TODAY! That’s right, the world ends the day my blog hits a major milestone. Is the universe trying to tell me something? nahhhhhhh On my first birthday, film footage suggests my biggest worry was a painful elastic headband. Prah 2.0, must content with the Armageddon.  That’s … Continue reading

Sidney Crosby ‘prahsides’ over Cannes

One of the better Puck Daddy “Puck Headlines” in a while: Sid and a few other Pens hit up Cannes Film Festival for a viewing of “Trophy Wife.” But really, my interest here lies in la photo: A) Would you get a load of Paul Martin’s sleezy lookin’ grin? Looks like he just undressed Tony Soprano’s … Continue reading

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