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It’s a Prah 2.0 Festivus Miracle!

Story time!

No, not Two-and-a-half-minute Fiction ‘Prahject.’ This is actually good! ZING.

Last week it finally hit me what my “dream job” would be. Not having my own show like “Oprah” like I said in 6th grade. Not being a personal chef (though it’s a close second.) Nope. It’s making video montages for CBC hockey broadcasts.

I’m talking about this, this and definitely this. (That last one still makes my heart flutter. No joke.)

This too:

So I tweeted that it would be my dream job to make hockey montage videos for CBC. And that was that.

UNTIL the CBC tweeted me.

yay times a bilion

So I finally got my act going and put a little sumthin sumthin together. I posted it on their Facebook page last night. And now YouTube, wooooo:

It’s an amateur attempt with limited clips and Sam Robert’s Canadian-ness to guide me, but I like it considering the small scale on which it was built.

I spent way too much time on it, but never felt like work. Guess that’s when you know you enjoy something, really.

Go Pens.



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