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Hallway design fail ‘prahduces’ hurt on me

I had a moment today that felt very high school. It never actually happened to me in high school, but it happened to Shia LaBeouf plenty of times on Even Stevens so it seems naturally high schoolian.

I’m walking down a hallway, close to the wall. I’m looking straight ahead. Then the men’s bathroom door FLIES out into the hall, hits my head, hits my right boob, and hits my right knee.

Immediately I realized why the girls coming toward me in the hall let out audible gasps and, “OH MY GOD.”

But I know what you’re thinking, “But how did your A cups come into contact with something that hit your extended knee?”

Well, it was kind of a chain reaction. First the edge of the large, metal door hit my knee. My knee collapses. Next, the right boob. When the boob was subsequently smashed, the forehead was next.

BUT THE BEST PART WAS, after I realized what happened, and after these two old guys emerge from the bathroom, and after they give me the stink eye and a look that says, “what the hell are you doing there?” I SAY I’M SORRY. TO THEM.


I blame it on Catholic guilt.

So this is the prize I have won. I mean, you all KNOW how easily I bruise. Ain’t she a beaut? (One of three. Don’t even ask to see the other two.)

my purple and blue knee. with a sock growing out of it. proportion = fail.

Here’s hoping tomorrow it looks like Ke$ha’s music video for Take It Off. I’m pulling for a bright pink knee. Something to blog about! :



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