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A blogging ‘prahcticum’: what have I learned?

I’ve got some exciting news, dear readers. On Monday, Nov. 29, a piece of my short fiction will be posted on author L.M. Stull’s blog! She’s coming out with a new book soon and will be posting work by aspiring authors for the months of November and December on her own blog.


L.M. Stull, Memoirs of a Monkey

Courtesy of L.M. Stull


This all came to be through Twitter. I started following some writers, authors, and creative minds and saw her tweet about looking for authors to feature. I got in touch and we set it up. Really exciting.

Another blogger I have gotten in touch with through Twitter is @Elena_SCsBlog. We crossed paths when I posted a blog entry about Water Action Day. She’s a gem. She left Italy for Canada (imagine!) and writes about all sorts of lovely things on her blog (and sometimes tweets in Italian! *gushes*).

Well, today she wrote a short and sweet post on the beauty of blogging. And it got me thinking, “Hey, you. Yeah, you, sitting on your bum. Did you write something today? No? Well guess what? You can write anytime you like BECAUSE YOU HAVE A BLOG.”

blog, blogging, blog ideas

(I have lengthy conversations with my subconscious. My mind has probably already written three novels. Not kidding. It’s weird. )

The last thing I wanted this blog to be is an online diary, and I think for the most part I’ve avoided that route. And Jack totally doesn’t count, I have a pet category, folks. Check it:


blogs, categories, pets, Jack



So I’ve instated a midterm for my blog. A sort of “what have we learned here?” recap. Here is what I have learned:

1. Icing bros is still popular…really popular

Smirnoff Ice, bros icing bros, icing

Ever since I wrote a post about bros icing bros with Smirnoff Ice, that entry has gotten AT LEAST one view a day. It’s my most viewed entry AND is my most searchable entry. (The second most searchable? Sabres goalie Ryan Miller. Yeah, I’m really happy about that one.) But what has this taught me? SEO. Search Engine Optimization. I had “Smirnoff Ice” in the blog title. Done. And. Done.

What have we learned here: When in doubt, blog about alcohol. Use keywords where they count: headlines, tags, alternate text for photos

2. Twitter is your best friend, er, my best friend, er…can we share?

Twitter, follow me

Sure I signed up for Twitter have had an “active” account for more than a year, but it’s only recently that I’ve become a Twitter nut. A NUT. What got me hooked? A shout out about Prah 2.0. And I got monster traffic that day. MONSTER. And it sparked a firestorm of interaction with my blog. Well, maybe not firestorm, how about a wind tunnel?  I have doubled both my followers and the people I follow. And I am on the verge of my 2,000th tweet. WOOO!

What have we learned here: Interaction beats plain old traffic, and is a whole lot more gratifying too.

3. Link, link, link, link. And oh yeah, link.

links, SMO

This one I’m taking from the TBD book of modern journalism. I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve read lately about the benefits of linking.  And Scott Rosenberg will school you. Where to start? Linking creates credibility because you are letting readers know you want them to get the whole spectrum of a story. It creates a network. You’re not sending readers elsewhere, you’re adding depth and even humor! It’s like a comment on another blog, but it’s nestled right there on your blog!

What have we learned here: Linking is gold. You can’t go wrong.

I’m going to stop myself there, because as usual, just when I think I’ve got a handle on something, it’s time to learn something new. So I’m off to learn about the world of SMO, social media optimization (which totally just punches my first “What have we learned here” in the mouth).

I’ll leave you with this, which I CANNOT stop listening to. When I open YouTube these days (these days being the past two weeks), this is what I search for first.



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  1. Thanks for the support!

    Posted by elenasc | October 29, 2010, 1:22 pm

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