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Happy Halloween from Prah 2.0!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Hope everyone’s got a good costume. Jack certainly does. PETA, avert your eyes: Remember, it’s not cruelty to animals if they like it. And Jack LOVES it. Jack’s the Prah 2.0 version of The Great Pumpkin. But this costume is a twofer. If he (read: I) switches the pumpkin from the front … Continue reading

A blogging ‘prahcticum’: what have I learned?

I’ve got some exciting news, dear readers. On Monday, Nov. 29, a piece of my short fiction will be posted on author L.M. Stull’s blog! She’s coming out with a new book soon and will be posting work by aspiring authors for the months of November and December on her own blog.    

Two-and-a-half-minute Fiction ‘Prahject’: Take 21

Just in time for Halloween, I’ve whipped up something of a haunting story. But the basis for this story is fact. Have you ever heard of Morganza before? Known as the Pennsylvania Reform School in Canonsburg, Pa., it was an old school version of juvie. My Grandpa said his mother would say she would ship … Continue reading

‘Prahfessional’ football tackles violent hits

Did you hear? James Harrison and Meriweather and Robinson had some hellish hits this weekend in their NFL games. I’ve been waiting to talk about it until the league made their punishment decision, which they made today. And I’ve been waiting for the perfect story to come along that would let me use Storify, a … Continue reading

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