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‘Prahseason’ hockey or not, let’s get excited, yes?

I should probably get away from starting each blog post with a heart attack…but oh well…


But you already knew that. It’s preseason and everyone wallows about preseason, but let’s cut the crap, it’s the first legitimate Pens hockey we’ve watched since the Habs made me cry and run 6 miles. At the same time.

Lot of goodies to link to, including a lengthy wrestling metaphor for a Pens 2010-2011 season preview, the NHL decides to milk the Winter Classic face-off for all the milk and honey it’s worth, and as mentioned before, there’s a movement afoot to memorialize the Igloo at CONSOL Energy Center. Oh, and just this picture in general, courtesy of Puck Daddy:


Lookie! Two Mean Genes and a wrestler! woooooo

Lookie! Two Mean Genes and a wrestler! woooooo


Oh, and this. Couldn’t find a link, but the whole Orpik had a knee-on-knee collision with Franzen, aka The Swedish Chef. It wasn’t intentional. All’s fair in love and preseason hockey. I’m over it, are you Detroit?

Bounding over to the NHL’s rich successful doctor brother, the NFL, apparently this weekend is Favre’s last chance, according to Dan Wetzel. And, oh, how CONVENIENT, his last opportunity to prove himself comes during a game against DETROIT. Let’s recap. If Favre sinks against DETROIT, he’s through. And if Favre is able to doggy paddle against DETROIT…he’s through.

So I was forced to do this:


click for a bigger look. it's worth a good laugh.


Take a look at the name above Favre’s. Yes, that’s right, I’m playing the 2005 Michigan quarterback devil man himself. Penn State’s last second perfect season ender, weirdo, and all-around jerk is starting over my favorite NFL gift that keeps on giving.

Excuse me while I go break something…

Oh, and Percy Harvin, you can stop being a joke any time now.

Meanwhile though, I’m thoroughly enjoying this shape-shifting quarterback situation the Steelers have. The best part? It’s like an added sideshow and not a major ball buster. I really don’t care that Batch is unimaginative. I am happy to have Leftwich on board, and I wish Dixon a speedy recovery. And I’m ESTATIC about Randel El being in a Steelers jersey again. I say, when they’re all healthy, play each one for a quarter. Keep everyone guessing. Have a real-time quarterback battle. It’s like the ultimate chess game. I can’t be the only person that thinks this is a good idea!? What do you think, coach!?!?


What? Sorry, I'm too busy being a badass.



Speaking of badass, is this not the most badass creature you have ever laid eyes on?


A male Florida panther walks down Jane's Scenic Drive in Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park.

Photo courtesy of NPR


Incredible. I can’t take my eyes off of it. It’s so subtly commanding. Really good read on the effort in Florida to save the dwindling panther population on NPR.

Today is brought to you by the autumnal equinox and equally so this song, “Cosmic Love” by Florence + the Machines. And no, I don’t watch Vampire Diaries. If this wasn’t such a great song, I’d be upset you mentioned that…




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