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PSU ‘prahticipating’ in Division I hockey


Do you know what this means?!

Graham Spanier, zamboni

I should have traded in my washboard for a zamboni a long time ago.


But in all seriousness, this is incredibly awesome. So awesome, Joe Battista cried when the move to varsity men’s and women’s hockey became final. If I was him, I would have cried too. I had no idea what a long time coming this really was. This has been in the works literally since JoeBa stepped foot onto campus. Don’t believe me? Ask JoeBa.

Joe Battista during his college hockey years

JoeBa circa the 1960s. You have to respect a guy with that kind of helmet hair.

Also, this happened yesterday, and it’s a beautiful thing. And just in case you didn’t flip through all those photos and missed this, behold:

Evgeni Malkin

zes es all ze rage en zrussia.

Geno’s rockin a double stripe sideburn. Awesome. If the whole team gets these, we win the Stanely Cup this year. Write it down.

But in the wake of this bright and shiny new season are plans to demolish the Igloo. Thursday night, the Allegheny County Sports & Exhibition Authority board voted to demolish the Civic Arena. Critics who want to preserve it in the name of history promise a court fight.

There’s a tiny movement afoot to memorialize the Mellon without letting it remain standing. Interested? Join the Facebook group to “Memorialize the Mellon Arena.” It’s a neat idea to etch the outline of the Mellon on the windows of the Consol Energy Center.

Radio host Mark Madden sounds off about thePensblog’s idea on The X:

Really excited about Shero’s acquisitions this off season. Comrie, Asham, Martin…should be fun to watch things mesh…or not. In which case…

scared baby

...get your extra diapers ready.

SIDENOTE: Brett Favre is single-handedly ruining my fantasy football team. Watch me drop him from the team. NOT. The second I drop him is the second he starts throwing Elway bombs. Gotta keep the faith.

P.S. Someone start a fantasy hockey league and invite me before it’s too late!!!!!!!!!!

Today is brought to you by Jack, who is definitely ready for his close-up. With my (upgraded) iPhone:

jack, my cat

did you get my good side?



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