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Eat, ‘Prahay’, Love and Hockey

Hear ye, hear ye, all twenty-somethings. This is a must read, whether you’re unemployed, in school or whatever. I especially enjoyed the interactive photo display accompanying this story. (And the best part? They’re all iPhone photos! The horror!)

scared baby

The New York Times is using iPhone photos??? I'm going to need a new diaper.

Speaking of which, and a big shout to Meg for bringing this to my attention, the world is laying their eyes on some beautiful photos, if barely photography. It’s inspired me to try to take more interesting iPhone photos for Prah 2.0. The limitations are what makes it fun.

So here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

Emasculating my cat with hot pink tissue paper:

my cat jack

What are you lookin' at? Pink goes well with my orange complexion.

TRYING to get through this book:

Eat Pray Love

I’m having a hard time figuring out why Gilbert feels the need to explain her writing at every turn. Examples: This is why I’m not going to tell you about my messy divorce, but oh, wait, I will, but it will be so nebulous and circular that you won’t remember what we were talking about anyways. And here’s why I’m not going to tell you why I call God, “God” because it might upset some people. It’s exhausting. You’re writing a book. Be honest, sure, but not apologetic and that’s the tone I’m getting. After reading 22-pages of it, I recommend a new title, “Eat, Pray and GET ON WITH IT ALREADY.”

OH! And this:

Dark Rum and Peach Ice Cream Torte

Dark Rum and Peach Ice Cream Torte

This is definitely one of my prouder culinary moments. Behold, The Torte. Sure the ladyfinger edging looks a little like Fort Necessity, but it’s contents were completely homemade and delicious. What you’ll find inside is homemade peach ice cream, homemade creme fraiche ice cream with candied lemon zest, and homemade ladyfingers. The ladyfingers were a bit of an experiment. Next time I’m definitely buying them, the heartache ain’t worth it.

This recipe came from the Ice Cream book I got from Williams Sonoma.

Ice Cream book from Williams Sonoma


And I must admit, I thought the creme fraiche ice cream would be gross, but it’s now among my all-time favorite ice creams. But I don’t recommend the candied lemon zest. Too hard to chew.

And now that you’ve got food on the brain, this is disgusting. How do you ingest part of a Wendy’s spoon and not know it? Or a windshield wiper for that matter. TMI, NPR.

Today is brought to you by these tidbits from a Puck Daddy post yesterday. Hilarious. Just picturing the last one cracks me up.

• Hockey WAG Update No. 1: Mike Comrie hollers “WE WANT PRENUP!” It’s something that you need to have, because if she leaves your [behind] she’s going to leave with half. [US Magazine, and more about Mike Comrie: Hockey Player from Lighthouse Hockey]

• Hockey WAG Update No. 2: Through our sleeper agent Mike Fisher, the hockey world has successfully brainwashed Carrie Underwood into leaving Nashville for Ottawa. Up next: Using Jarkko Ruutu to entrap Taylor Swift. [US Magazine]



3 thoughts on “Eat, ‘Prahay’, Love and Hockey

  1. they did a great job at documenting 20-somethings hipster culture… what about all the other peoples? way to go NYT.

    Posted by Andres Baranaka | August 19, 2010, 1:09 pm
    • yeah, their sample of twenty-something photographers was very limited in scope. NYT is probably hoping some of the photogs’ hipness will transfer to them. NOT.

      Posted by erinprah | August 19, 2010, 1:33 pm
  2. Haha omg i love that book (eat, pray, love) — so far … you’re right though it definitely has its issues! It may be because I have a friend exactly like her, so I totally get it … keep going, it gets better :)))

    Posted by Brianna | August 19, 2010, 3:21 pm

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