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And Green Bay ‘Prahckers’ fans live to seeth again

I just had to post this. It absolutely cracks. me. up. to bits.

I know I’m not the only person that thinks this is hysterical. Oh, and, “Thanks, Mrs. A?” Is that David Spade I smell?

And just to join the chorus coming out of the sports world right now (and bury the lead)…


So what team is the Quarterback That America Loves to Hate playing for this season? The Vikings, duh. Why change a good thing? He won a Super Bowl almost got to the Super Bowl with the Vikes last year. Packers smackers. Why switch it up now? Answer: you don’t. Not even if you’re Brett Favre. FIND THAT MAN SOME NEW WRANGLERS!

Someday my kids will write blog posts about Favre’s “return.” It’s gonna be great.

Brett Favre

That's a "gotcha" face if I ever saw one.



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