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‘prahivate’ mockumentary available, stadium vendors FAIL


Don’t know who I’m talking about? Exhibit A:

You love him too now, right? I guess to really love him you have to know where he’s come from. Exhibit B:

He’s like the best possible outcome of a cross between an episode of “What Not To Wear” and American Bandstand. Dig the look. Dig the sound. Actually love the sound. Just take that howl at the 2:59 mark and soak it up. Let his natural stage presence just consume you.

Woo. OK, that’s done.

Attention all Daily Collegianers, remember The Mockumentary I made way back when during the Fall 2008? I have it posted privately on my Vimeo profile. If you would like to be able to view it, sign up for a simple Vimeo profile and let me know and I will share it with you. It’s easy as pie.

Moving on. “Dear Future Husband” was a big hit. I think fiction-ish may just be my genre. Who knew?

OK, now this list of stadium food vendor violations I got from a link in Eller’s gchat status (many thanks, Eller). Pittsburgh, I have one word for you: GROSS. Cockroaches? Room temperature beef and spoiled milk? DISGUSTING. If I wanted to get salmonella at a sporting event I’d go to Chi Chi’s and watch people fight over fried ice creams.

It IS kind of worth fighting over. As long as you don't mind the 873 calories that come with it. Woo! Everybody in the pool!

I’d just like to point out though, that one locale had the most 0 percent ratings. Dare you guess where? That’s right, people, Canada. Land of the free and home of the little red lapel poppy pins. ZIPPY. Just chalk it up to another reason why I’m going to live in Canada some day; no LIVE cockroaches on my soda dispensers. It’s the little things, really.

Canadian flag


And just for giggles, anyone want to take a guess what location got a 100 percent rating?!? Think hockey. Think Pittsburgh. Then think Pittsburgh rivalry. That’s right, THE WASHINGTON CAPITALS. SUCCKKKERRRSS. Let’s revisit the document, shall we?

Verizon Center
Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals
Vendors with critical violations:

Inspection report excerpt: Mice droppings, a critical violation in Washington, were found at at least 10 vendors.

Mice droppings? I don’t know about you, but I’d take a little extra live protein over rodent feces any day. But here’s to hoping we never have to make those choices! Huzzah!


Mouse Far Left: Hey, guys, guess who left a little present for Ovechkin in his hockey gloves today? Mouse Far Right: Oh, that's nothing, I pooed at the frozen yogurt stand two days ago.

Some of other fun violations include:

– Inspectors saw an employee scraping food debris from a spatula using the trash bin and then trying to continue using the same spatula without cleaning it.

– The employees placed cooked chicken back in the same container used to pre-portion raw chicken before cooking.

– Inspectors also had a vendor dump a bottle of Chivas Regal whiskey containing dead fruit flies.

– At another stand, they found an employee’s half-eaten hamburger in a warming unit.

OK, I’m getting sick. Moving on.

This Panera is going to kick me off their Internet soon, so another reminder if you want The Mockumentary shared with you on Vimeo,  let me know. E-mail communication is best: erinelizabeth.prah@gmail.com. Remember it. Store it. Live it.

Today is brought to you by Imogen Heap’s new-ish album. Love that girl’s voice.



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