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‘prahvincial’ summer recipes and vaca pics

…4 cups of coffee later…


I had a lot of coffee this morning. I shouldn’t have. But I also shouldn’t let my cat lick my arm. Even though it’s practically just as good as exfoliating. I just grossed you out, didn’t I. Sorry.

NO I’M NOT. My cat is awesome. Who else do you know that looks this adorable upside down with one ear smashed? No one, that’s who.

hey, good lookin', what's cookin'


I have been on an absolute cooking spree. Starting with…

pan-fried cod

pan-fried fishies

Pan-fried Cod. The trick here is to use small pieces of cod. If the fish comes in larger pieces, I’d make sure each piece was about 4 inches in size at most. I didn’t make the slaw, not really a slaw girl, but it’s wonderful with tartar sauce.

Everyday Food Mag Chicken Pot Pie

two words: puff pastry

Next up, is chicken pot pie, courtesy of Martha Stewart herself and her Everyday Food magazine. (Great magazine with close to 100 recipes in that tiny little book every month. LOVE IT.) Puff pastry and frozen veggies make this super easy but the thyme in this recipe makes it. So good.

pizza dough

mmm pizza

And finally, pizza dough. Now this is Ina Garten’s recipe, which means, you truly can’t go wrong. Her recipe calls for cutting it up for individual pizzas and grilling them. But I didn’t do either of those things. I split it in half for two pizzas, one I made that day and the rest I froze for a pizza I’ll make tonight for me and my dad. It freezes perfectly, just get it out the morning of and put it in the fridge, then let take it out to get to room temp. YUM.

This was dinner last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And last weekend, I found myself in Gettysburg. Home to the BIGGEST PIECE OF CARROT CAKE EVER.

carrot cake


Seriously it was as big as it looks. I should have put my water glass next to it, because it was taller than the glass. But this gave us the get up and go to go souvenir shopping. And here’s what we found.

confederate flag jacket

For the Confederate soldier in your life, a jacket sewn out of the Confederate flag.

Perfect for when you get caught in sudden rain storms south of the Mason Dixon line. Or any day other than July 4th. But never fear, because…

flag jacket


The Union always ends up on top. USA! USA! USA!

And for some reason, this one store had a picture of me as a child for sale for $24.95.

me as a child. in the 1800s.

me as a child. in the 1800s. i was stocky as a child.

Thanks a lot, Gettsyburg. My childhood mementos are only worth $24.95 to you? THAT’S A STEAL.

The bed and breakfast we stayed at was called Sentimental Journey. So imagine hearing your mother and sister sing this over and over and over, but they don’t actually know all the words so you just hear, “Gonna take a sentimental journey, ” OVER AND OVER. Good thing, I could escape them by going into the 1940s styled kitchen.

breakfast nook

from the table to the fridge, this was literally like living in the 40s.

No joke, they had everything from war bond to victory garden posters on the wall. Linoleum flooring, flowy curtains, antique kitchen appliances, it was neat. The only thing I didn’t care for some much here were these ladies that were positioned above my bed and watched me sleep. Creepy.

1930s ladies

no idea who they are. makes it creepier.

This is only a portion of the framed photo. Take this and multiply it by 10 and you have the full picture.

OK, so I haven’t been able to stop watching “Bethenny Getting Married?” on Bravo. A few questions. Why is there a question mark used there? She gets married. I saw it. We all saw it. Why is it in question? And also, WHY CAN’T I STOP WATCHING. Good God, it’s almost embarrassing. I sat through a warped speed 25 hours of labor last night just to see if she was having a boy or a girl. Pitiful. (She had a girl. Named her Bryn. It’s like Erin, but with a b, and a y.)

bethenny frankel hoppy

she's a pretty cute preggers lady.

My caffeine buzz is dying off. I’ve been drinking lots of coffee lately because other things are making my innards act weird. I might be lactose intolerant now? Though someone explain to me how this happens to someone after a lifetime of drinking milk. I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m filling up on easy fibers, fruit, and probiotics. You say TMI, I say honesty for the sake of bettering other people’s well being. Deal.

Today is brought to you by the SWEETEST watermelon I have ever tasted that I cut this morning. It was my first adventure cutting up a watermelon with this huge ass knife. So fun. Too much fun. Why does my mother let me near her cutlery?

And look! A use for the left over rind. Are you listening “Bethenny Getting Married?” Question mark??

baby in watermelon

a seat, an outfit, and lunch all in one. DONE. This motherhood thing is a piece of cake.



3 thoughts on “‘prahvincial’ summer recipes and vaca pics

  1. Guilty pleasure = your blog… or at least posts including Jack with smushed ears.

    Posted by Andres Baranaka | July 23, 2010, 1:10 pm
  2. I love your blog…I came across it during a recent session of facebook creeping =)

    The recipes always look amazing as well..bbq pork tacos have been my latest craze.

    Hope all is well!

    Posted by Gianna Swetz | July 26, 2010, 1:55 pm

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