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RSS feed ‘prahcrastination’ ends now

A couple of you have been asking about my missing RSS feed. Well, thanks to Sir Ben Roth (knighthood courtesy of Prah 2.0) ask no more. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll find a link to subscribe to Prah 2.0’s RSS feed. Been a long time comin’.

I have great news. I have officially recovered from Bieber fever…thanks to Shakira. Yes, I’ve reinstated my obsession with the World Cup theme song, “Waka Waka.” If your Facebook News feed looked anything like mine during the World Cup it had “Waka Waka” all over it and now I’m hooked.

I’ve seen quite a few of those I follow on Twitter showing off their 100 push up challenge updates, so I decided to join up. My exhaustion test is 15 push ups (the real kind). I’m on Day 2. This is going to be so fun painful.

*Extra hint: This push up challenge will help with my end of the month goal. Maybe? NOT TELLING.

In the meantime, Jack has taken to blending in with pretty much every floor surface we have in house. He has a future in covert ops.

jack my cat

you can't see me you can't see me you can't see me

OH! OH! BIG NEWS! I harvested my first crop of basil! Isn’t it a beaut!?

fresh basil!

nom nom nom

Literally seconds after I harvested and cleaned it, I turned it into pesto. Traditionally pesto requires pine nuts, but my use for this pesto was going to be as a sauce for pasta on Sunday, so to keep it a bit smoother I left out the pine nuts. Don’t have pine nuts? Walnuts are just fine in the same amount as the pine nuts. But here’s my recipe:

pesto recipe

If you’d like a pine nut recipe (to be used for paninis, bruschetta, etc.) I recommend Ina Garten’s. Can’t go wrong with the Barefoot Contessa. Ever.

Today is brought to you by Prah 2.0’s new security measures. Beware.

jack my cat




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