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the only ‘prahscription’ is MORE BIEBER

Everything was great. Life was fine. Things were just rolling along. And then while I was taking a shower this morning I automatically began singing:

“Baby, baby, baby, OHHHHH, like, baby, baby, baby, NOOOOOOO, like … “


I thought I had gotten through the worst. Just like when H1N1 came to town I took all my herbs and vitamins and escaped unscathed. When Beiber fever showed up in early spring, I switched the radio when he came on. I would not be taken.

So HOW exactly did I catch the fever now?

*I just switched to another website tab and unconsciously began EMPHATICALLY WHISTLING “Baby.” Dear. God.

justin bieber

un. believable.

You want to take a gander at what yields a Google Search for “Justin Bieber?”

justin bieber google search


A related search suggestion for “justin bieber impregnated his mother?” I truly don’t want to know.

So remember when I gave The Ellen DeGeneres show mad props yesterday? Yeah, well forget it. It was on her show that I was formally introduced to the Bieber this morning. He sang “Baby” and gave a horrid interview with “like” for every other word. And now I’ve been singing “Baby” ALL DAY.

And while we’re at it, take a look at his WEBSITE:

justin bieber website

MY WORLD 2.0?! I’m half disgusted with myself to think I was clever to use 2.0 in the company of the Bieb and half outraged that a 16-year-old pop star thinks his 16-year-old self is the 2.0 version of what, his 8-year-old self? GIMMIE A BREAK, KID.

I also broke down and watched the “Baby” music video. 242 million views. Sick. And is it just me or is Drake an extra in it? 1:14 mark.


Today is clearly brought to you by Justin Bieber. Kill me.



3 thoughts on “the only ‘prahscription’ is MORE BIEBER

  1. ooohh you should so check out “Somebody to Love” great vid and song…though I don’t like the version you’ll prob see with Usher. I like the Beibs singing it all….yeah I’ve had the fever for awhile. I think his songs are catchy and I watched his E! special…yeah I know right??

    Posted by Chelsey | July 13, 2010, 4:57 pm
    • incredibly catchy, unfortunately. I DO like “Somebody to Love,” especially that chorus. Too bad I was naive enough to think I was going to hear a Queen cover. sigh.

      Posted by erinprah | July 13, 2010, 5:01 pm
  2. i love Justin Beiber, and your right the only cure for beiber feiver is more BEIBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but really, who doesn’t like more beiber?

    Posted by tahlia1998 | December 31, 2010, 5:17 pm

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