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‘prahpelling’ myself to a better place

Yesterday I was watching “America: The Story of Us” on the History Channel and this woman was being interviewed about the Great Depression and compared it to our current Great Recession. She said we have to reinvent ourselves. We have before. We’ll do it again. And it made me think: I need to reinvent myself. (Note: Why did it include Michael Douglas and Meryl Strep telling me historical facts in sit-down interviews? They are not historians. I want historians telling me my history, History Channel, hear?)

Then I was reading this natural health book for cats (no judging) and read this paragraph about positive affirmation and visualization. This author used it when he cat had surgery. She thought it was a bunch of bull but then thought, hey, wiser men than I have tried it and it worked, and it’s free, so what’s there to lose? Answer: Nothing. So she tried it and to her amazement it worked. And it made me think: I can do this for Jack AND myself.

The Natural Cat bible, so they call it. It's huge.

Usually I will let myself be moody or negative if I think it’s going to motivate me to do something good. More times than not it backfires. Whether or not the visualizations actually work, there’s got to be some good to staying positive. Our brains are funny things and maintaining happy hormones can probably produce wonders. And like I said, it’s free, so what the hey?

OMGOMGOMG it’s a Monday and it totally feels like a Sunday but that’s immaterial because I still have to write fiction because according to the calendar it’s really a Monday even though it’s a federal holiday … *deep breath*

I have been baking/cooking my brains out for our Fourth of July party we had on Saturday. To prove it, here is Prah 2.0 4th of July picture blog, courtesy of my iPhone camera:

homemade flag decoration

our tour begins with homemade door decor

Then we step into the kitchen where we get a glimpse of the flag cake in its before stage:

flag tart inner layer


… and then after: (click the photo for the recipe)

flag cake!


Not to brag, but I think mine looks better than the one shown on the recipe’s website.

Now it’s time for some real food (just kidding, dessert, you know I love you).

Fourth of July food

What we have here is ... Italian sausage and hot peppers, hot dogs, hamburgers, three bean salad, baked beans, kabasa casserole, macaroni salad, fruit salad andddddd spinach dip with cru d'ete

My personal favorite addition to the were these little “sparklers” as Martha calls them (yeah, I’m on a first name basis with Martha Stewart. I think if you mention her more than 10 times on your blog, you get to do that.)

chocolate covered pretzels with holiday sprinkles

chocolate covered pretzels with holiday sprinkles

Click that picture. Tell me if I’m wrong, but do mine not look remarkably like Martha’s? I missed my calling, clearly.

Dairy Queen Fourth of July ice cream cake

Ooooooooo! Awwww!!!

I cannot claim to have made this, but isn’t it just darling? Courtesy of my lactose-intolerant aunt and Dairy Queen. Gotta love it. It came with rings!

It’s a tradition of ours to make sundaes on the Fourth of July and this year I decided our sundaes needed a little something to hold it together, so I made Annie’s Eat’s brownie pudding. Baked it for an hour in the oven right before dessert time, so it was hot and gooey when we scooped it into our waffle bowls and piled on the ice cream and accoutrement. Yum.


Photo courtesy of Annie's Eats. Click for recipe.

I have made this three time since February and every time I think I could eat the whole darn bowl. It is downright sinful. God. It is just so good. I’m gonna go ahead and put this in the husband-catcher category. But only if served with vanilla ice cream. And right after it’s out of the oven. Yeah. Definitely.

We all had massive food babies after Saturday. And vowed to eat nothing on Sunday. (Yeah, that didn’t happen. We had a refrigerator full of LEFTOVERS, people.) Even Jack was feeling lethargic:

my cat jack, sleeping

dreaming of brownie pudding, no doubt

Note to PETA: Jack didn’t partake in the brownie pudding. He stuck to his tasty sliced chicken entree.

I’ve been quite the homebody lately, but mostly in part to help my mom get ready for the cookout. Now that the Fourth is over … LOOK OUT WORLD, I’M COMIN. AND I’M BRINGIN THE BROWNIE PUDDING WITH ME.

Today is brought to you by: MORE LEFTOVERS.



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