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the ‘prahtective’ effects of COFFEE!

Yes, we’ve heard it for years, somehow, some way, coffee has does so many good things for us. Now a new extensive study from the journal of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention confirms my every wish. Mouth and neck cancers? Drinking coffee decreases that chance by 39 percent. Liver cancer? Decreased by 41 percent. Cardiovascular disease (in women)? Decreased by 24 percent. Stroke? Down by 19 percent. Plus, it is the number one source of antioxidants for most people. This is all to say …


Coffee cup

See those two hearts? That's coffee loving me back.

Now, be warned friends, from personal experience, coffee is highly addictive. During the fall semester of my senior year at Penn State I probably had close to four to five cups a day and when I didn’t drink it, I felt like I was hungover. all. day. long. So maybe this is where I’m supposed to say, drink decaf! But who am I kidding.

IN OTHER NEWS THE COOKIE MONSTER WILL STAY IN THE BURG! And all signs lead to Gonch doing the same. Man, oh, man. I guess they took a bit of a hometown discount against the cap, but man, you gotta love players who can recognize when they’ve got a good thing going here. The Sesame Street Line will live to play another three years and the Penguins powerplay quarterback will lead the charge again. If someone ever wrote a book about it, they could call it, “Examples of Heeding the Stupidity of Bugsy Malone and other Greedy Wingers.” Hmm, that’s got a nice ring to it …

Matt Cooke, number 24 of the Pittsburgh Penguins


SPEAKING OF powerplay, guess who’s not in charge of it anymore? OH! OH! OH! I KNOW! I KNOW! MIKE YEO! He’s headed to greener pastures as head coach of the AHL Houston Aeros’ team, of which Yeo was once a player. See ya never, Yeo.

Assistant Penguins coach, Mike Yeo

so long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night

I always did kind of feel bad for Yeo. He always got a bad rap. Granted he had umpteen chances to make the PP not look like mud, and yet, it continued to look like mud. He always looked confused behind the bench and the bald head really did nothing to help his case in a world of flowing wet hockey player hair. You always kind of got the impression he felt defeated during post- or mid-game interviews with Potash. And then you remember, the Pens are 0-3 or something hideous on the powerplay that game. Fire the dude.

I guess I should be watching the #USA v. #ALG game right now. But I’m not. I’m blogging. I have my priorities straight, people. So much shenanigans going on in the World Cup right now anyways. (Thanks for taking the pressure off, France! J’ai deux amours, mon pays et Paris.)

Landon Donovan


So that ref that cost the USA a win against Slovenia got the boot. FIFA never said anything about the calls he made in their statement, but said he wouldn’t ref the second round. Success? In post-game interviews Landon Donovan said he and other teammates were trying to ask him about the penalty, but the ref could hardly speak English, not that he should be expected to, but they couldn’t understand each other. That’s usually not good.

And for what it’s worth, I cannot get into Twilight. I can’t. Maybe it’s Kristen Stewart’s constant look of depression or annoyance. Or Pattison’s hair. Or the idea that actually Dakota Fanning won’t stay tiny and perpetually five years old. If I had a few days on the beach to do nothing, maybe I’d consider reading it. But I don’t, so I won’t! HA!

Today is brought to you by my desire to live in the 40s. I’ve been watching black and white movies on Netflix and now have the overwhelming desire to step off a train looking fabulous. What happened to train travel anyway?

Audrey Hepburn stepping off a train.

You get the idea.



2 thoughts on “the ‘prahtective’ effects of COFFEE!

  1. I have been on a beach for two weeks with nothing to do and I STILL can’t get into “Twilight.” I don’t even want to. It’s like trying to get addicted to cigarettes or something that isn’t really healthy for me, anyway, so why put in a giant effort to like it?

    Posted by Sara | June 24, 2010, 7:25 pm
    • It IS like cigarettes! I mean, think about it this way: Instead of an unhealthy habit (Twilight) I could be reading “Wuthering Heights,” or “Pride and Prejudice Zombie Style.” I have healthy options. AS DO YOU, AMERICA.

      Posted by erinprah | June 24, 2010, 7:28 pm

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