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‘Prahinceton’ for the weekend

It’s a stretch, I know, but I’m not one to waste a good “pr” word. And as we all know, it’s not a party until …

Cheez-It Party Mix


Last night I lit up my foursquare board wandering Nassau Street outside of Princeton University. I am hooked on it. Went to a great consignment shop and almost bought one of those sleeveless light blue denim Polo shirts, but then I realized I looked like I should be taking my kids to the park. And that’s not happening for another 20 years.

Polo shirt

Seriously, add a Polo logo and this is it. I think I made the right decision.

Had some really good ice cream at a Pub-style ice cream shop. Shopped till we dropped and then came home and scanned our limited TV channels. We ended up watching some REALLY cheery stuff … the history behind the Valkyrie movie, and this morning post-breakfast, the history of the Free Masons society, the Hellfire Club, and Ben Franklin’s group called Resurrectionists, which consisted of Ben Franklin and Co. digging up buried bodies for their anatomy studies. Yeahhhhh ….

For the record, Tom Cruise does look a lot like von Strausberg who was in charge of operation Valkyrie:


Their resemblance is kind of uncanny.

Turns out Strausberg’s bomb planted under a table didn’t quite work. Strausberg, along with about 200 other resistors who organized the July 20th operations were hung by Hitler’s order by wire so that they would die slowly. Hitler slowly learned, though, that he shouldn’t have been killing all these resistors who were trying to kill him. He should torture and question them instead.

Germany later erected a statue of a naked man with his hands bound at this Berlin prison, to remember the men who were killed there during WWII. My sister was just in Berlin and my mom asked Meg if she saw it. My sister’s response was,

Meg: I think they said there was a statue of a guy with his hands bound … I think I saw his hands bound …

Mom: Did you see anything else?

Meg: He’s naked, Mom, OK? It’s Europe.

July 20th, Berlin, statue

crazy naked European statues

And so on and so forth. Today I have no idea what we’ll be doing, but whatever it is, I’m going to protest it by suggesting we go to the beach. Follow me on foursquare for those of you who can’t handle the suspense!!! I KNOW IT’S KILLING ME!

Today is brought to you by: the Spanish housekeeper who was RAPPING in SPANISH outside our door at 8 a.m.



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