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Twitter, this is becoming a ‘prahblem’

Twitter Fail Whale


This is our fork in the road, Twitter. I’ve had just about all the Fail Whale I can take. But as @mikediggy said: “I think the Tweet birds are busy saving the whale from the oil spill!” so maybe I’ll forgive you. THIS TIME!

A few thoughts. I love Twitter because it told me that my favorite Food Network chef is going to the Lakers/Celtics game tonight. @GDeLaurentiis, you rock.

Twitter for @GDeLaurentiisSigh. Love.

And this has been pissing me off:

Besides it being in British, does anyone else notice the problem with this commercial??? The girl is ALREADY THIN. In fact, she’s practically anorexic. She’s not fooling anyone with that stupid baggy sweatshirt and depressed look. THIS GIRL DOESN’T NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT. Not for her vacation. Not for that special party. Not for anything. ARGGG.

And this? I don’t even want to talk about this. Just click here. Disgusting.

I watched this and cried through the whole thing. I blame Special K.

Sad isn

My dad showed me this tonight. He laughed. I laughed. And then we remembered … comedy reflects reality. What. a. bummer.

My mom and I are going to Princeton, NJ this weekend to visit my sister. So I made us some vittles for the car. Oatmeal apricot bars. Click photo for recipe. (Yes, it’s from a kid’s cookbook. Whatever, people. Kid at heart.) Behold:

Oatmeal Apricot bars

Still trying to figure out who perpetrated that corner piece. I

Maybe I should just become someone’s personal chef. Live-in chef would be ideal. I’ll eat the leftovers. Jack can do the dishes. This idea has a future …

OH. AND THIS. Why don’t I just give up now. Good God.

Well, I’ll be blogging from the road. And foursquaring to those of you who are my buds on @4sq. Should be fun. I’ll take pics and update. OMG OMG OMG GUESS WHAT KINDA SOUNDS LIKE PRRINCETON?!

Today is brought to you by this, because it will always ALWAYS crack me up. Especially Rudy:



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