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surely ‘Naprahleon’ had days like this too

I knew this feeling would come. It was only a matter of time. It took 12 days this time for it to surface:


I think it’s even harder to come home after living on your own for a while. Especially if you come home with a cat who’s got a hankering for your mom’s … well, everything. That life you had? Yeah, throw it out the window. It can’t survive here. So you write more cover letters and bake biscotti, knowing sugar and butter fixes everything.

you hungry? you come to my house. i fix you something.

Click that picture for a link to the AMAZING orange cranberry white chocolate biscotti and, in general, a link to Annie’s Eats blog. It is wonderful. She’s also a WordPress blogger too, woo!!

This came in the mail the other day and at first I thought it was a joke. Then I read on, and realized they were, indeed, quite serious. Take a look:

um ... for real??

That’s right folks, for $24.99 you can have your very own Prah University sweatshirt. (Christmas shopping = DONE) I have mixed feelings about this. It is pretty neat, but the second I wear this out in public a) either people who know my last name who see it will think I’ve finally eaten cat food or b) people that don’t know my last name will ask where the hell Prah University is. So I did a little Google oogling and it turns out … IT DOES EXIST!

te hehehehehehe

Prah in Prague is spelled Praha, and Praha means Prague. So by transitive theory … Prah = Metropolitan University of Prague. 100%

Want Herbie Hancock to change your life? Again? Ooo! Ooo! Click here! Click here!

I washed my/my mother’s car today and as I started scrubbing I realized, no self-respecting car washer can wax on/wax off without some tunes. So I walk over to my dad’s work bench home to the 8-track/radio combo. I turned on the radio, but then I spied a Pat Metheny 8-track peeping out of the deck, so I stuck it back in and man was it good. Took me back to the band bus in high school when I’d listen to “Phase Dance” on repeat on my headphones on the way to away football games on Friday nights. (A prize goes to the person who correctly identifies the number of prepositional phrases in that sentence!) I was kinda weird in high school.

Today is brought to you by: my dentist, who told me to “be patient” about my job search. Yeah. My dentist.



2 thoughts on “surely ‘Naprahleon’ had days like this too

  1. can i say this bluntly? you always make me laugh. and feel really optimistic about being unemployed in three months. i tried to sneakily bring up your blog tonight at work, but my boss (cleverly) positioned himself so he sees my computer at all times. alas! i will work up the moxie to sneak onto other non-newsy sites soon.

    on a related note, my dentist told me almost the exact same thing. they must go to some sort of psychotherapist training or something in dental school. like, “hey, while you’re working on the teeth, let’s take a trip north and examine the minddddd.”

    Posted by Sara | June 16, 2010, 12:35 am
  2. I not only believe that those Prah University shirts exist…I also have one.

    Well, not Prah. Casey.

    And not a T-shirt, but a hoodie.

    And a hat.

    Not kidding.

    Posted by Terry Casey | June 16, 2010, 2:09 pm

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