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Smirnoff Ice  ‘prahpaganda’

Last night I went to a cookout at James and Garrett’s place in the Southside. Within five minutes of getting there, the topic of “getting iced” came up. Allow me to introduce you to the world of “bros icing bros.”

It’s a sneak attack. One bro walks innocently up to another bro. Bro 1 holds out his hand to Bro 2 to shake hands, but instead of taking Bro 2’s hand, HE THRUSTS A BOTTLE OF SMIRNOFF ICE INTO BRO 2’S CHEST. Bro 2 has officially been “iced.” Bro 2 must now drop to one knee and chug this bottle of Smirnoff Ice. As it turns out, Bro 2 could have prevented this. If he had kept a bottle of Ice on his person, he could have counteracted Bro 1’s icing by thrusting his bottle of Smirnoff Ice into Bro 1’s chest. Then Bro 1 has to chug BOTH bottles.

Last night I witnessed my first “icing,” which incidentally was a double icing of our two hosts: James and Garrett, aka Jarrett:

James and Garrett, our hosts for the evening, were the first victims. CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG

The best part about being the only girl at the party? Bros can’t ice hoes. Well, thank goodness.

There was another icing later:

Greg chugged the alcoholic sugar water, better known as Smirnoff Ice, incredibly fast. Whew.

And one more even later:

Sorry it it's dark. It's a phone photo and it's a nighttime "icing."

For the complete rules and regs visit Bros Icing Bros, the domain name Garrett wished he bought about three weeks ago. For the record, Smirnoff Ice has said this is a consumer-generated “drinking game” and does not condone underage drinking. I, meanwhile, do not condone drinking Smirnoff Ice. Period. It’s hilarious to watch in action though. I was just about as surprised as the bros who got iced. Definitely takes some deft sneak attack work.

Garrett said he originally read about it in an article that said “icing” was taking place at Goldman Sachs. The photo accompanying the article of the business-dressed man down on one knee drinking a Smirnoff Ice did nothing to quell my already short fuse for Goldman.

But we realized, there are a lot of chapters in life that are prime opportunities for “icing.” For example:

1. marriage: “With this ice, I thee wed.” *thursts Ice into groom/bride’s chest*

2. breakfast: Finding an ice in your box of CoCo Puffs.

3. gchatting: Not sure how digital icing works, but I know it’s happened.

Anyone else hear of “icing” before? Or heard of tricky ways to get it done? Share the love in comments.

Yeah, a crisp clean bite to your sobriety.



3 thoughts on “Smirnoff Ice  ‘prahpaganda’

  1. I love that you did a post on this! It kept cropping up on Facebook/Twitter and I was thoroughly confused. 🙂

    Posted by Katie D | June 12, 2010, 10:27 pm


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