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Little House on the ‘Prahrie’ is depressing

Being sick affords me the ‘luxury’ of watching a lot of daytime television. Lots. And I have my schedule down. The Today show when I wake up, then Ellen DeGeneres, followed by some Food Network surfing, “Who’s The Boss” at 1 p.m., then Little House on the Prairie, Oprah at 4 p.m., M*A*S*H* at 5 p.m. Just typing that aged me 10 years.

But today’s Little House on the Prairie episodes were PARTICULARLY dreadful. Literally, it was about little Carrie falling down a well.


(Click the photo for the full episode.)

So little Carrie falls down a well, and half pint (Laura) blames herself. Oh, wait, it’s not a well, it’s an airshaft of an old mine? Where’s the mine? Young Carl knows where it is! He plays in it! CONVENIENT! But what’s that you say? The man leading the rescue effort won’t believe it’s a mine because of a 20-year-old grudge he has with the man who discovered it’s a mine and not a well? Will he put aside his pride to save little Carrie? Will the mine shaft cave in before it’s too late? Is there enough oxygen for Carrie to survive!?!

Oh, of course he will, people, we’re talking about Michael Landon here! This is Mr. Highway to Heaven himself.  Also, a good frame of reference is if the daughter Grace has been born yet on the show. In this episode, Grace was only a twinkle in Caroline Ingall’s eye, so duh, Carrie’s going to survive. Despite her being underground for more than 24 hours. Despite the mine collapsing with her father in it. Despite the Walnut Grove doc saying, “THERE’S NO USE!”

Doc Baker's orders!

And just for the record, you CAN get mountain fever again, even if you’ve already had it. Though, do not confuse mountain fever with poison ivy. This confusion leads to an incredibly dreadful episode ending with way too much forced fake laughter. Word to the wise.

Forgot to post this earlier, but again, thank God for the CBC. Their 2010 SCF playoffs video montage is great. Nothing will beat last year’s in my opinion, but then again, I am biased. Love the shots of the little kids in the stands agog in their baby-sized jerseys in this year’s, though.

“This is hockey baby. This is the playoffs.’




2 thoughts on “Little House on the ‘Prahrie’ is depressing

  1. Didn’t know that you blogged!

    Posted by dve | June 10, 2010, 4:18 pm

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