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‘imprahssive’ Game 6, weird ending

What a wild ending. My train of thought went something like this when Kane let go that slapshot:

“Is that a goal? Where’s the puck? Kane just lost it. It must be a goal. Why is there no siren? No goal light? Under review? Where’s the puck? *watches replay* OH OH OH THAT’S A GOAL! IT’S A GOAL! HAWKS WON! HAWKS WIN THE STANLEY CUP!

One of my favorite things to watch, ever, is seeing the winners of the Stanley Cup, upon realizing they’ve won, shed their gloves and see their mouth guards, sticks, gloves and helmets shower back down on them over the ice. It’s a beautiful thing:


Genuinely thought Kane lost his mind until I saw the replay.


Just going to run down some of my favorite moments here from Game 6:

1) Toews handing the cup off to Hossa. You could hear Toews saying, “Hoss, where’s Hoss?” What a nice moment.


What jinx, fools???? HEYOOO


2) This picture:


You're 21 years old and you just won the Stanely Cup = life complete


3) I was a little conflicted about the Comm Smythe trophy winner. It’s hard to dispute Toews not earning it, but I was really pulling for Duncan Keith. Dude sacrificed, literally, blood, sweat, and teeth in this series. His post-game interview was hilarious because he was so excited he could hardly talk, but he could hardly talk to begin with because he’s missing 7 TEETH so he sounded like a country bumpkin.


Now that's a hockey smile.


4) Kane saying, “No more questions after that,” after being asked about the cab incident in Buffalo. Good for Kane. Honestly, what bearing does that have on his GWG and Stanley Cup he just won? Now, if he had punched this cabbie into oblivion whilst vowing to win the Stanley Cup this year, it’s a different story. BUT HE DIDN’T.

5) PIERRE MCGUIRE FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER DURING THE GAME. It’s a fake Pierre McGuire. But I still love it. (Shorts or Ian, if this is you behind this Twitter handle, I’m going to be very disappointed.)

6) This may be my favorite. Jeremy Roenick’s “It’s the Chicago Blackhawks, man”-moment. Post-game in the commentator booth, Jeremy Roenick got emotional and cried out of happiness for his next-to-last team, the Chicago Blackhawks. I almost started crying myself when he said this:

“For the kid that was there in 1992 who was crying when I came off the ice after we lost game 4 in Chicago Stadium. You waited 18 years, I hope you have a big smile on your face.”

Heart. breaker. Everyone wanted to be that kid at that moment.

Too bad Milbury was a COMPLETE ASS about it and completely missed why Roenick was crying. Roenick kept protesting saying, “I’m proud, I’m happy,” meanwhile Milbury’s yapping on about, “Well I didn’t get to do it either and I’m not going to cry! You had a great career! You blocked shots with your nose!” thinking he needs to make Roenick feel better, when Roenick’s never felt better in his life. Milbury is so clueless and Roenick is just cementing my love for men with the mullet. (You listening, Jared Allen?)

The Philly fans were pretty good about not booing too much, thought I guess if you’re going to boo, you might a well boo Bettman. But my favorite part of the SCF is going through all the photos that come out afterward. Last year when the Pens won, I saved probably close to 200 photos on my hard drive to show my kids someday. And then I went outside and painted my toenails red, something that I wouldn’t have DARED do during the SCF because Detroit’s colors were red and white. Duh.

Today is brought to you by Popsicles. They numb my throat with cold and it’s delightful.


num num nummmm




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