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for once i will not ‘prahfane’ your name, Versus.

Don’t get used to this Versus. You still suck. You and your big bass fishing, steel cage fighting, professional bull riding … can still go to hell.

Today, I turn in my AT&T U-verse business, aka no more cable, and no more interwebs. But when my Dad was taking apart my TV stand last week, he unplugged a lot of wires and he ended up connecting a cable from my TV to the cable jack in the wall. This is not how I get my cable. I couldn’t figure out how to reconnect my AT&T cable, so I was flipping through what limited channels I had through this magical wall cable …


the irony here, of course, is that i AM getting Versus through basic cable.

So, thank God I’m leaving or else I would have missed the first game of the SCF in Philly. I think it’s safe to say Pronger’s going to kill someone. And I’m not missing it.

you got a problem with my hair? want to talk about? oh, you don't? "It's too bad. I guess little things amuse little minds."

There’s really no other word for Pronger other than agitator. He’s taken the game pucks after these first two games, I guess to get under Chicago’s skin? But his answer to media questions about it later were absolutely priceless. Check it:

You’re collecting pucks now?

“Why not? What’s wrong? It’s sitting there. What else is gonna happen to it? It’s sitting there. Sure, why not. You got a problem with that?”

Are you gonna sell it on eBay?

“I don’t know. Apparently, it got him upset. So I guess it worked, didn’t it? It’s too bad. I guess little things amuse little minds.”

I guess little things amuse little minds? Hilarious. At least on Versus you can count on some post-game player interviews. Please, God, oh please, let one be Pronger tonight.

In other news, Matt Lauer is especially opinionated on the Today Show this morning. Giving his two cents on everything from using a 1/2 pound of meat to feed a family of four, Silly Bandz, the Gores’s divorce. He’s just plain feisty today. Maybe he needs to follow my new favorite tweeter: @SingleAlGore

(last night he was tweeting about how drunk he was. I was dying laughing.)

But maybe I can forgive Matt Lauer for his lack of objectivity, because …


That’s impressive. Who knew? I need to Google more often.

Today is brought to you by this AMAZING commercial for diapers. (Yes, you read that correctly, “this amazing commercial for diapers. I know.) I can’t decide what I love more, the over-the-shoulder-look at the end or the line, “I poo in blue.” I’llllll be watching this for a while:



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