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Two-and-a-half-minute Fiction ‘Prahject’: Take 6

And on week six, she saw her blog traffic skyrocket (s in flight, POWWWWW, afternoon delight! AAAA-aaaafternoon delight!) Forgive me. A few things before I get to today’s fiction: 1) You know your family’s Fourth of July shindig (though technically on Saturday) is going to be rockin’ when Mom brings home the jumbo package of … Continue reading

the case of the vanishing ‘prahfession’

Did I make the right choice? When I decided I had to be a writer, when I decided to become a journalist because it was (then) a surefire way to get paid to write, when I decided to major in journalism, was I being idealistic or practical? Both? Neither? Days like this make me think … Continue reading

live long, eat chocolate mousse, and ‘prahsper’

Per some requests for the “husband-catcher” mousse recipe, I decided to make my own recipe cards and will be embedding them into posts where I mention recipes I’ve used, unless I found the recipe online, in which case I will link to it. For the vegetarians in the house, I found a replacement for the … Continue reading

My cat has a certain ‘prahwess’ for mischief

I got the alarm clock of the century this morning: my cat Jack standing on my chest with a plastic sandwich baggy over his head. Yeah. I think my heart stopped. And then I realized, he was still breathing, albeit very heavily, and there was condensation in the baggy. I ripped it off and looked … Continue reading

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