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say ‘Prahnger’ one more time, doc

I tweeted this during the game, and I’ll say it again, take a shot every time Doc says “Pronger” during the Stanley Cup Finals. You’d be drunk by the time the Zamboni made its first round. Meanwhile, McGuire’s segments with Byfuglien and Ryan Miller were just embarrassing. Especially watching him try to score on Ryan Miller during the goalie segment. SPEAKING OF RYAN MILLER …

look at that face ... look at that HAIR. sigh.

Now that’s a face I would gladly allow to take me through the Stanley Cup Finals commentary. His suit, shirt and tie trifecta was perfecto *kisses fingertips and brandished them in the air* and his attitude was all business. (BUT HE CUT HIS HAIR!) He came to play and almost showed up Milbury. Granted, not hard to do, but still. McGuire’s already out of the running for being showed up.

I said I wasn’t going to cry, I said I was NOT going to cry … I cried: Ochocinco makes one young fan’s dream come true.

And I’m not about to turn this into critic blog, but I saw “Letters to Juliet” over the weekend. I beg you not to do the same.

Rotten Tomatoes gave it only 46 percent? But they said it was the best date night movie ever!

I could write a movie better than that. At least two times I said out loud, “gag me.” Could be more because I thought those two outbursts were only in my head too. And my God, the amount of boobs in this movie. Too much. I couldn’t get the word “buxom” out of my head. It was like the costume designer asked for some direction, and the director sent a memo back with just the word, “boobs,” on it.

More SCF tonight. Fiction later. It’s Memorial Day, so break out that Old Navy flag shirt you wear twice a year. Here’s a neat little story on some Memorial Day history. I’ll be checking out the Memorial Day Blues Festival at Centennial Park today.

Today is brought to you by people like my Grandpa, veterans.



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