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a ‘prahlonged’ friend request

I can’t even remember how long ago it was. But if memory serves me correctly, it was more than a year ago that I sent a Facebook friend request to Paul Steigerwald:

note the "Awaiting friend confirmation." Facebook should add, "since Feb. 2009" to guilt him into confirming it.

His picture was probably taken in like 1989 or something. But every single day, he shows up on my Facebook news feed about how he has friended 3 people and if you click “see similar posts” I can see he’s friending people at the pace of approximately 20 people a day. Now, either he really is just that popular or he is friending fans people who listen to him call Pens games. I’m going to go with the latter.

This begs the question: Why not me, Steiggy? Why not accept my token of Facebook friendship? You seem like a fun guy. You’re holding up a stein of beer and wearing your stylin’ zip-up Pittsburgh hoodie in your profile picture. We could be friends. I love old people.

This is the part where I’m supposed to say, “screw you, man! I don’t need no stinkin friend acceptance from you, man!” But I do need it. I do.

In searching for a photo of Steiggy, though, I found this gem:

If I'm Kunitz's kid, I'm pissed when I'm old enough to be pissed. The Stanley Cup is stealing my cute-baby thunder.

That’s right, Pens winger, Chris Kunitz is just having an endearing moment with his son, when … OH HAI STANLEY CUP. As Hal Gill as my witness, my children, too, will one day rest in the cradle of the Stanley Cup.

Oh, and yesterday I decided to create a .gif of everyone’s favorite 2-year-old landlord, Pearl. I’ll break it out when I have a major finger wag to give, it’s her menacing laugh, minus the actual laugh.
Gif Created on Make A Gif



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