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not a ‘prahductive’ morning

My parents are in town with a moving van to come take away most of my things. Jack is losing his mind. His whole world is turning upside down. And I’m not sure how I feel about it either.

But this morning we went to Pancake Pantry, and I was so excited to show my mother how I can clean house. And what happened? Failure. She finished her entire raspberry waffle and I was left with half a plate of this:

one order of pecan pancakes.

My stomach is so freakin fickle. And now I’m drinking coffee out of a red Solo cup at work because my coffee mug is packed up and damn if I won’t need quite a bit of coffee today.

Have to give ‘prahps’ to all my tweeters giving me great prah words for blog titles. (Damn, I just wasted one!) Keep ’em comin. Like Oprah says, it takes a village. (omg I am so using Oprah in a title, it so counts.)

In other news, EVERYONE WITH ICONIC HAIR IS CUTTING IT OFF. Vikings linebacker Jared-I’ma-kill-you-Allen CUT OFF HIS MULLET. This is the same man that gets down on one knee and pretends to lasso a cow after he sacks a QB. Yeah. Now he looks like this:

@kdoran: "you can remove a mullet from a man's body, but you cannot remove it from his soul"

Amen, Doran. He said he cut it off for his upcoming wedding. I say, you marry the man, you marry the mullet. It’s Jared Allen, woman.

And Willie Nelson decided to throw his hat into the haircut arena too and OFF HIS BRAIDS! What is wrong with people?

oh willie, willie, willie ...

The file name of this photo is vivanashvegas, and that got me thinking, maybe this is Willie’s contribution to the Nashville Flood relief. Less hair, less hair to wash, less water used = conservation of water, which we so desperately still need to do. So, OK, I guess I understand it … BUT JARED ALLEN YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE, MISTER.

Today is brought to you by this little list of sayings that my dearest Katie emailed to me in the early days of my fellowship in Nashville and has since lived taped on my left office wall. This morning I turned to the list of 18 and saw #14. It reads: “You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars.  You have a right to be here, and whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

Thanks, Malones.



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