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don’t worry, sir, i’m a ‘prahfessional’

OK, let me address this before Dave has a hernia. In a gchat conversation a few days before I decided to start this blog, I was talking to my friend Dave on gchat and he asked, “when is the nashville prahty over?” He thought it was very clever. I thought so too. So I used it in my first blog post title. (Please see: tik tok on the clock but the ‘prahty’ don’t stop.) And then I thought, hey, that was funny, let’s see how long I can keep this prah-word-sound-alike-thing going. This is all to say:


Throwback! Freshman year swing dancing. Man, oh, man. You asked for it, Dave.

In all seriousness, Dave’s word smithery was a big part of the inspiration for what goes on here, so, thanks, Dave. As penance for my failure to bring this up earlier, I’m supposed to mention our friend Shawny Smith, who is quite the WoWer (World of Warcraft for those who don’t speak the lingo). He once jumped off a two-story Penn Tower balcony (completely sober) crushing several vertebrae, played 100 hours of WoW in a single semester, and killed a man (in another dimension). There you go, homage to Shawny complete.

Shawny reppin' the CUSE.

My final thought for today is IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN “BABIES” YOU MUST. I have seen it twice, and like a fine wine it got better with age, though the babies were seemingly ageless! Irony! The premise is that this documentary crew follows four babies from four different parts of the world during their first year of life. My favorite of the four was Bayar from Mongolia. I have a feeling we would have gotten along great, if I would have been born on a goat farm in Bayanchandmani, Mongolia. Check this little dude out:



One thought on “don’t worry, sir, i’m a ‘prahfessional’

  1. that kid… that kid is adorable!

    Posted by Charlie Daniels and the Georgian Devils | May 28, 2010, 1:21 pm

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