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i ‘prahticularly’ love outdoor symphony concerts

I’ve neglected to give some love to the new header. This wiener dog belongs to a Vanderbilt student who was part of a group of students who were slacklining between two trees on campus back in February. I did a photo story on their arboretum adventure.

Last night I went back to Vanderbilt after work for the Nashville Symphony’s free outdoor concert for Vandy employees. The first song of their program was “Overture Candide,” by Leonard Bernstein, which I love love love and will ALWAYS  remind of that UPMC commercial with the ballerina kicking the field goal at Heinz Field. Can we sign that girl? Couldn’t find the commercial, but this is the tune. (If anyone finds it, please let me know!)

There were BABIES EVERYWHERE. Did I mention this was a family event? Roaming free of parents, throwing paper into the plastic-only bins, squealing, pinching other babies, flailing. I learned quickly that the universal sign for “I have to go to the bathroom NOW” is to hold your pants with a vengeance. Bending over or stomping in place really helps sell it to Mom. If all else fails, scream.

look into my eyes. looook into my eyesssss. take me to the bathroom.

Is it creepy to post a picture of a rando baby on here? Oh, hell yes. But when did that ever stop us, here at Prah 2.0? (I say “us” like there are rows of minions typing as I dictate and slapping together snazzy little photoshop jobs at my command. Dare to dream.) I wasn’t about to snap an iPhone photo of the baby closest to me. That just screamed lawsuit. But man, are Vanderbilt employees populating the world. They’re all married. They’re all makin babies. Just makes it that much more of a challenge for us single ladies. <— Click that hyperlink. I dare you.

So you know what rhymes with Prah? Oh, I don’t know, why don’t you ask the kids from the Yellow Tag bus at Hatfield Elementary? Punks. Yeah, you thought you were sooooo clever: Erin BRA! HAHAHA YOUR NAME RHYMES WITH BRA!

Innovative for third graders, really. I bring this up because today is the bra’s 100th birthday. Yes, we can all (women AND men) thank Mary Phelps Jacob for sewing together two silk handkerchiefs and patenting the hell out of it. Billions and billions of dollars later, the modern design has morphed slightly from the original:

Oh, thank God, there are instructions. I hope I look this good when I'm 100.

I’m not sure what today is brought to you by. Probably the moving van my parents are driving down today to take away every nonessential item that I won’t be able to fit in my car when I leave leave next week. Sigh.



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