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So it has come to this: the Chicago Blackhawks vs. the Philadelphia Flyers.


this was a really fast photoshop job, don't judge.


I mean if you think about it, in the words of Pierre McGuire (my God, I can’t believe I just said that) it comes down to leadership. Both the Hawks and the Flyers have proven they can get big things out of their entire roster. Sure it’s great when a Toews or a Richards gets a goal, but the nice thing for these teams is that these guys don’t have to score to win. But I still hold that it will come down to goaltending. What a show these guys are putting on, Niemi and Leighton. Leighton has stopped 95 of 102 shots this series against the Habs, and while Niemi didn’t see as much pressure from the Sharks, has made some dazzling saves. Very, “History Will Be Made” worthy.

Another theme? Both of these teams have had some major head trauma. The Flyers’ Laperriere suffered a brain contusion after blocking a shot against Jersey, forcing him to wear a cage helmet and the Hawk’s Keith lost seven – count em: 7 – teeth after getting hit in the mouth with a puck shot by Marleau. (“Freak accident,” they’re calling it. Yeah, yeah, heard that one before.)


ouch. what a looker.


But I’m excited to see all the lesser-known players come into their own. Quick, everyone learn how to pronounce Byfuglien!

In other news, this is absurd:


so many jokes to be made here


This year, the Naval Academy decided that the annual climbing of their incredibly phallic monument would be sans lard. Yes, usually they climb this monument COVERED IN LARD to put a officer’s hat at the top. And these are the people protecting our shores. sigh.

Today is brought to you by: The Sex and the City theme song. Stop right there. No matter how you feel about the show/movie(s), appreciate the fanfare that is this theme song. Forget about the shoes and the dresses and the skinny ladies and think about what a great tune this is. The beginning mostly, the end wanes. But wouldn’t you like this following you around as you bashed through a city? Yes, even Nashville. Live the dream, people!



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