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a lift here, a tuck there, prah 2.0 got a twitter facelift

It was overdue. I went on a following rampage (and also a tweeting rampage), made some new connections, fixed my face (changed my photo), and updated my ‘About Me.’ Decided to keep Rosie in the background, because well … we CAN do it, whatever that may be. Reading through all the “but I’m the real Sidney Crosby!” twitter accounts was a laugh. Seesawed on whether or not to follow Darren Pang (@Panger40), and thought, hell, if I’m going to follow AQ Shipley (@ship57), I can follow Darren Pang. Short men of the world rejoice. Also, highly recommend following Demi Moore (@mrskutcher). She’s wonderful. And her picture is worth the follow alone.

@erinprah: Rosie the Riveter approved

So, even if I don’t know who you are and you have a blog, follow @erinprah, and you’ll be sure to get a return follow. Danke, danke.



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