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‘prahmise’ your tastebuds you’ll try this

Well, I figured I couldn’t leave the South without trying someone’s catfish, so I went to Fido’s in the name of job hunting, and ended up ordering their cornmeal fried catfish, black beans, and green tamales with espresso mole sauce and lime sour cream. I hate sour cream and I’m pretty sure I could eat this lime version by the spoonful.

I wasn't even patient enough to take the photo first and THEN take a bite. sheesh.

It’s actually taken me 20 minutes to get this far into the post because I keep stopping to eat it. Chugged down with iced black tea. omg omg omg omg, you guys. I had no idea what green tamales even were, but am now determined to find a good recipe for them. I think my Dad would really like them, with a little salsa and a cold beer. Andddd I’m hungry again.

It’s also about 94 degrees today and eating catfish and drinking tea feels like a 100 percent Southern summertime.

If NBC ever decided to air hockey in this market, I’d currently be watching the 3-2 Hawks/Sharks game. (They once deferred a NBC Sunday NHL nationally broadcast game for a 24-hour 700 Club telethon. That was my, “Welcome to the Bible Belt,” moment.)

And if I cared to talk about Hal Gill, I’d mention that he had a clumsy, albeit nifty, net save for the Habs yesterday. Too bad the Habs still lost. And too bad I don’t care.

If there are enough of you interested in my two-and-a-half fiction ‘prahject,’ (that starts tomorrow!) I’ll throw it out there that the NPR version usually holds that their readers’ submissions include four random words. I think they’re last round required the words: button, plant, fly, and trick. So to mirror that challenge, if anyone has any particular words they’d like to force me to include, leave them in the comments. Danke, danke.

Jack, my cat, will be turning one soon. Knowing this puts me in that I’m-a-crazy-cat lady status. Or does it just make me a super dedicated pet owner? hmmmm? Here’s a throwback to one of his first days as my Jack Jack. His name at the shelter was Ringer, but I didn’t understand it, so he became Jack, after Jumpin’ Jack Flash. You’ll see why in the photo:

Jack at 8 weeks. He never really sat still much. Still doesn't. And the vet promised he would mellow. Sigh.

What is an appropriate gift for a one-year old cat? He does NOT need catnip or other movement-inducing materials. Maybe a nice sedative? Happy Birthday to ME!! (I’m kidding, I’m kidding.)

So, today is brought to you by: “Animal” by Neon Trees

I can’t stop listening to it and would like it played in the background of my life on repeat. It’s the music in that Camp Vegas commercial. It doesn’t really make me want to go to Vegas. So I guess they didn’t really succeed. Their loss. I would lose royally at their casinos.



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