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‘PRAHNAS?’ when did this happen!?

This. is. so. AWESOME.

so many things right about this photo.

How have I not heard about the Pittsburgh Piranhas Women’s hockey team?? I realize in the midst of the Stanley Cup playoffs, this may not be a big deal, but down here in hockey-no-man’s-land (i.e. Nashville) this is a pretty big deal. And, my LORD, the prah/piranhas pronunciation similarity was like a gift from God.

And until the NHL starts making better, “History Will Be Made” commercials, like this forced attempted at epicness, then maybe my attention should turn to women’s hockey. HRMPH!

Really? “What if 13 was unlucky?” That’s the best you’ve got? This has Bettman written all over it … *grumbles*

P.S. For all inquiring minds, since my Pens are out, I’m riding the Chicago train for what it’s worth. Plus, who doesn’t like hearing Doc try to pronounce all the Hawks’ last names? QUICK! Say Niemi 10 times fast! Niemi niemi niemi niemi niemi niemi niemi niemi niemi niemiiiiiiiii

Niemi (in Finish): OOO ooo, I got you little puck. yep, yep I do.



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