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this recipe ‘prahperty’ of me and meg

… finding ways to use my name in all these blog titles is really going to be interesting. Or just sad …

Anyways, yesterday Meg and I made this brownie concoction, took it into the office and it’s been getting rave reviews. By all four of the people! The only thing it was missing was a great name and Meg came through – Coco Chanel. You start with cocoa and then add the Chanel: the vanilla frosting. Duh.


It’s basically homemade brownies, no box mixes in my kitchen, and Meg had this left over Naturally Nora organic vanilla frosting. OK, so the frosting was from a box, but it’s organic! And it is delicious. I usually hate hate frosting because it’s too sugary, but Nora knows what’s up. I also usually have trouble getting my brownies out of the pan, so this time I greased the bottom of the pan with butter and then tapped flour to cover. The flour did some magic work. A) It kept the frosting from sinking too far down the sides. B) It soaked up moisture. C) GETTING THE BROWNIES OUT OF THE PAN WAS AS EASY AS SCORING ON BRODEUR DURING THE PLAYOFFS.


I’d take a picture to show you, but it’d be a photo of an empty pan. And an empty pan, my friends, is just an empty pan.

Fiction will start on Monday. And will happen every Monday hence forth. Let it be so.

Today is brought to you by this band, Starlume, that Meg and I are going to see at 12th and Porter tonight. She knows one of the bandmates.



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