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two-and-a-half-minute fiction ‘prahject’: take 2

Second Monday of Prah 2.0 = second fiction piece. And the unveiling of its official logo. Behold: Advertisements

say ‘Prahnger’ one more time, doc

I tweeted this during the game, and I’ll say it again, take a shot every time Doc says “Pronger” during the Stanley Cup Finals. You’d be drunk by the time the Zamboni made its first round. Meanwhile, McGuire’s segments with Byfuglien and Ryan Miller were just embarrassing. Especially watching him try to score on Ryan … Continue reading

‘prahcrastinating’ applying to jobs

Jack woke me up from my sleeping bag slumber at 7:30 a.m. Right on schedule. For all of Jack’s idiosyncrasies, he is one smart cat. But then again, he does sleep like this: And then one kitty dream later, morphs into this:

a ‘prahlonged’ friend request

I can’t even remember how long ago it was. But if memory serves me correctly, it was more than a year ago that I sent a Facebook friend request to Paul Steigerwald:

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